Get your home ship shape in Spring

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Top 10 things to have completed outside your home:


1. Deck - why not have it inspected for wear and checked for safety, especially railings? Are there areas that need replacing or is it in need of some quality staining. We use and recommend Haymes products.

2. Pergola - let us check its safety and repaint if needed. How is the pergola roof, has the old roofing seen better days how about some new polycarbonate roofing?

3. Have you had your gutters cleaned recently? Do they need repairing or painting?

4. What about the eaves are they in good condition? Do they need fixing? Do they need painting?

5. How are your windows? Are they opening and closing easily? Do they need some maintenance, painting or flywire screens?

6. Weatherboards need replacing, repair or painting?

7. Front door need adjusting, a new lock fitted, painting or replacing? Do you need a security door?

8. Front fence need repair and maintenance, a fresh coat of paint, the gate adjusted a new lock?

9. Does the outside of your home need painting?

10. Steps and stairs - Are they safe, do they need replacing?


We can complete all of the above jobs for you. Simply click on 'Request a Free Quote today' button (above) for all your maintenance needs.