Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter

Beef up your bedding

Switching your summer sheets for warmer bedding can make all the difference. Investing in a doona - goose or duck down makes for a cosy bed, and woollen blankets will keep you toasty on those chilly nights and mornings. Layering some throw rugs on your bed - they also provide added warmth when the weather drops.


Light a candle and carry it around your doors and windows. Wherever you see the flame flicker, you've got a draft. You have options when it comes to filling the gaps: upgrade to heavier curtains to block the draft, or seal up the gaps with one of the many products designed to keep the cold air out, which in turn, increases energy efficiency.

Check your heating system

If you have an open fire, clean out the flue before you light your first fire. From the outside, check for broken or cracked bricks. Don't forget to stock up on wood and kindling and store it somewhere dry so that you're ready for a season by the fire.

If you're on a gas or electric heating system, get a routine maintenance check to make sure it's in good working order. If your heating system is old, consider updating it with a more efficient newer model. The money you spend today, you'll save on your energy or gas bill down the track.

Clear the gutters

Autumn is the time our deciduous tree shed their leaves. Gutters clogged with leaves block the drainage of rain, which can result in leaks in the house. To avoid having to go up in the cold, wet weather, grab a ladder, a garbage bag or bucket, some rubber gloves and get rid of the leaves towards the end of Autumn. Remove twigs, leaves and dirt. Check that the downpipes are clear of obstruction to minimise the risk of blockages in the cold, wet months.