7 Keys for Taking Control of your Career

Take Control

In addition to loosing weight and spending more time with family, many people will vow to improve their professional lives in the coming year.  According to research, one of the top 10 most popular new years resolutions is job related. However, in the busy months that follow, many of these goals are forgotten and never achieved.

Here are 7 keys you need to realise your professional objectives and take control of your career:


1. Explore career options – as the year winds down, reflect on your job by asking these questions: does my current position utilise my professional abilities and talents? Am I maximising my earning potential? Am I doing what I was born to do or something I’m passionate about? If the answer is “no”, assess your work style and personal characteristics and discover a career field that highlights them.

2. Brush up job skills – On the other hand, if your career suits you, take time to better yourself at what you do. Find options that will bolster your skill sets and strengthen your resume.

3. Meet with the boss – meeting regularly to review performance will help you gain input about your strengths and weaknesses and help re-evaluate goals and set priorities.

4. Set realistic career goals – identify what you want to accomplish professionally in 2016 and write them down in order of priority. Your goals may include improving current work performance, being promoted to a job that your qualified for or making a complete career switch. Just make sure each goal is specific and attainable.

5. Establish a plan of action – think of the required steps you need to take to get your 2016 career goals underway and put them down on paper.

6. Start preparing now – what are you waiting for? The downtime of the holiday season is a perfect time for you to get a head start on your career goals. Make a list of career challenges to conquer and celebrate your achievements along the way. The small steps today will lead to big accomplishments in the New Year.

7. Follow through on actions – taking control of your career will not happen unless you follow through. Visualise your success regularly and don’t be afraid to ask for help when necessary. More importantly, pursue your goals and resolve not to give up on reaching them!