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  • Kid's Bedroom Ideas


    It's difficult to create a kid's bedroom which performs everything well. It has to hold all their toys, clothes, sporting equipment, musical instruments and provide somewhere to sleep, study and entertain friends.

    Here are some kid's bedroom ideas which strike a balance between visual appeal, maximising storage opportunities while providing somewhere to sleep, study and entertain.

  • Kitchen Refurbishment Tips


    Kitchens are more than somewhere you cook your dinner. They have become the social hub of the house. A room for cooking, entertaining, spending time with family, and sharing a quiet glass of wine after a long day.

    It's easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of refurbishing your kitchen. After all, there are many components to this room such as flooring, walls, splashbacks, benchtops, benches, appliances and lighting.

  • Home Maintenance Advice


    We get it - a lot of people enjoy building or repairing worn areas on their own homes. There's something quite rewarding about it! However, once you get started on a task, it's easy to find that it's harder than you initially thought. When you haven't done something before it's easy to not be fully aware of the complexities and preparation work required to complete the task properly and safely.

  • How to get your home ready for Summer

    Get Ready for Summer

    Now that the temperature is starting to rise, many people are starting to get their homes cleaned up and ready to take on the summer season. This way, you can ensure your home is in tiptop condition for guests, visitors and for your own enjoyment.

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  • Home Renovation Trends for 2017

    Home renovation trends for 2017 pic2.JPG

    Is your home looking a bit worn out? When friends visit do they poke fun at the colour of the walls? It may be time for some home remodelling!

    We share with you the home renovation trends that are expected to take off in 2017.

  • Enquiring about buying a franchise? Expect to be asked these 11 questions

    Buying a franchise

    Your first interview with a potential franchisor is a significant moment in your business and financial journey. For your own due diligence, it is ideal to prepare a list of questions for the franchisor that when answered, will enable you to decide whether to invest your time and money into their franchise.

    However, there are two sides to the coin. Most franchisors have already identified what characteristics and attributes are ideal for their business model, and will be asking specific questions to determine if you have what they are looking for, or have what they wish to avoid!

  • Clever Storage Ideas for Small Houses

    wall niche

    For many households, the days of living in a home with three bedrooms and a garage on a quarter-acre block are gone. However living in a smaller house or apartment does not mean you need put your snowboard, book collection and children’s toys on Gumtree.

    We show you some clever storage ideas for small houses.

  • What to look for when buying a franchise? We give you 3 important tips!

    nov blog pic 2.JPG

    Many people buy their first franchise when they are working for someone else and are looking to start their own business and become their own boss. We discuss the questions you should ask yourself and potential franchisors!

  • Can’t afford to live in your dream suburb? Home renovation may be the answer!

    new kitchen

    House prices, particularly in Melbourne, have increased to a level where buying your first home or upgrading to a larger home, feels like it is becoming out of reach. We discuss how you can live in the suburb of your choice, in a house that's just right for you!

  • The Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss


    Most of us at some point in our working life, have had moments where we dislike our job. Sometimes this makes us doubt the career path we are following.

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  • Get your home ship shape in Spring

    House Painting

    Don't wait until summer is here. Why not get those jobs completed around the home now and then relax over summer.

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  • 7 Tips to Help you Maintain your Home During Winter


    When the weather cools off during winter, most of us use this as an excuse to curl up on the couch with a warm drink and watch the football or a whole television series on Netflix. Fair enough, the weather is freezing, but think about what it is doing to your house? Wind, rain, excess moisture – these elements can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

  • The Top 7 Advantages of Owning a Franchise


    Below is a list of some of the top reasons to buy and own a franchise.

    1. Three Paths to Business Ownership.

    There are three ways to obtain your own business. First you can start your own business concept from scratch, which can take years to develop and make profitable, and is very high risk.

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  • Take control of your life!

    Attitude is everything

    Now is the time to make the change, you can do it!

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  • How to repair holes in Plasterboard walls

    So you hung one too many pictures in your hallway…

    Installed a coat rack, put a tonne of bags on it and it pulled straight out of the wall…

    Someone threw open the door and it put a hole in your plasterboard wall…

    These things happen.  Don’t worry,  this is how you fix it. 

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  • Maintenance gone mad!


    How many times have you showed up to a job and found a rather bizarre band aid solution a home owner has implemented? Here are some we found.


    A few photos

  • 7 Keys for Taking Control of your Career

    Take Control

    In addition to loosing weight and spending more time with family, many people will vow to improve their professional lives in the coming year.  According to research, one of the top 10 most popular new years resolutions is job related. However, in the busy months that follow, many of these goals are forgotten and never achieved.

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  • Autumn - Tips for some indoor jobs


    1.  Sagging towel rack or wobbly toilet tissue holder. Unscrew the fixture and look for the culprit. It’s probably a wimpy, push-in type plastic drywall anchor. Pull that out (or just poke it through the wall) and replace it with something more substantial. Toggle bolts are strongest, and they are easy to install.

    2.  Squeaky door hinges. Eliminate squeaks by squirting a puff of powdered graphite alongside the pin where the hinge turns. If the door sticks, plane off a bit of the wood, then touch up the paint so the surgery isn’t noticeable.

    3.  Creaky floor boards. They’ll shush if you fasten them down better.  A low-cost alternative: Dust a little talcum powder into the seam where floorboards meet — the talcum acts as a lubricant to quiet boards that rub against each other.

    4.  Blistered paint on shower ceilings. This area gets a lot of heat and moisture that stresses paint finishes. Scrape off old paint and recoat, using a high-quality paint such as Haymes Ultra Premium. Also, be sure everyone uses the bathroom exhaust fan when showering to help get rid of excess moisture.

    5.  Loose handles or hinges on furniture, cabinets, and doors. You can probably fix these with a few quick turns of a screwdriver. But if a screw just spins in place, try making the hole fit the screw better by stuffing in a toothpick coated with glue, or switching to a larger screw.

    Safety Items
    You know those routine safety checks you keep meaning to do but never have the time? Now’s the time.

    6.  Smoke detectors. If you don’t like waking up to the annoying chirp of smoke detector batteries as they wear down, do what many fire departments recommend and simply replace all of them at the same time once a year.

    7.  Exhaust fan filter in the kitchen. By washing it to remove grease, you’ll increase the efficiency of your exhaust fan;  plus, if a kitchen stove top fire breaks out, this will help keep the flames from spreading.


  • Prepare for Winter


    The cooler weather has arrived and for the most of us, the temperature is due to drop even further. Taking care of a few things around the house before we hit the depths of winter could make all the difference. Here are some easy things you can do to keep the warmth in and make your home winter-ready.

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