Home Maintenance Advice [Infographic]

infographic home maintenance advice


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We get it - a lot of people enjoy building or repairing worn areas on their own homes. There's something quite rewarding about it! However, once you get started on a task, it's easy to find that it's harder than you initially thought. When you haven't done something before it's easy to not be fully aware of the complexities and preparation work required to complete the task properly and safely.

A common oversight is simply jumping straight in and commencing work. There are some tasks such as erecting decking and sheds, which in many council municipalities, requires a permit. You may get away with it at first, but if a neighbour doesn't approve of your renovations and complains, you may be in hot water. It could also hold up the process when you try to sell the house.

Another easy oversight is not turning off the water at the mains when your repairing or replacing a tap or tap handle. This is especially important to remember for your inside taps, as failure to do this will result in a high-pressure water jet travelling straight towards your plaster roof!

Painting is another common DIY task, which with a few key considerations taken care of, can be performed to a high standard. The most common oversight here is to simply paint over the existing paint. For a smooth, professional finish that'll make your friends envious, clean your walls, sand, patch any holes, add primer and then paint.

Another important piece of advice for the eager DIYers is to measure twice before cutting. A long day can cause even the most experienced tradesperson to miscalculate, potentially wasting your building materials.

One of the most important pieces of advice is safety in older homes. Most homes built in the early 1980's or earlier contain asbestos and lead paint. In most cases any renovations will require the removal of the asbestos, which is best left to professionals. Lead paint should be handled with care, protective clothing should be worn when repainting these surfaces. If you have young children, leave them at their grandparent's house for the day, as breathing in these particles can cause long-term respiratory problems.

Enjoy the infographic! To speak to a home maintenance professional, contact Triple O Property Maintenance.