Kitchen Refurbishment & Rejuvenation Tips

Kitchens are more than somewhere you cook your dinner. They have become the social hub of the house. A room for cooking, entertaining, spending time with family, and sharing a quiet glass of wine after a long day.

It's easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of refurbishing your kitchen. After all, there are many components to this room such as flooring, walls, splashbacks, benchtops, benches, appliances and lighting.

Don't stress, it kitchen refurbishment doesn't have to be costly! And you don't need to move out for a week while the renovations occur. By making some smart choices about which components you replace, you can enjoy the feeling of a bright, new kitchen.

kitchen refurbishment infographic

1. Fresh Paint

White and ivory are safe choices which are never out of fashion. Those who are seeking something bright and fun may enjoy yellow or light green. These will make your kitchen an enjoyable place that no one will ever want to leave.

2. New Splashback

Small tiles look dated and over time, the grout will become dirty. Large solid-colour tiles are preferred nowadays. You may even consider a splashback made from glass, ceramic, stone or metal.

3. Bench Top

Laminate and granite can be rather bleak, many homeowners are sourcing rich timber or stone with rich, natural tones, creating a stunning centrepiece in their kitchen.

4. Cupboard Doors

Unless your cupboards are rotted or have water damage, there's no need to replace them. Save time and money and just replace the doors, or the veneers on top of the doors. Natural timber finishes are a popular choice at the moment.

5. Get Yourself an Island

An island bench in the centre of your kitchen not only creates extra storage and cooking space, it's a great place to pull up some stools and socialise. 

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