Kid's Bedroom Ideas

It's difficult to create a kid's bedroom which performs everything well. It has to hold all their toys, clothes, sporting equipment, musical instruments and provide somewhere to sleep, study and entertain friends.

Here are some kid's bedroom ideas which strike a balance between visual appeal, maximising storage opportunities while providing somewhere to sleep, study and entertain.

kids bedroom ideas infographic

1. Walls

Painting your three-year-old daughter's wall pink is a nice thing to do, but what happens when she's ten and goes through a rock music phase? Kid's tastes can easily change. For this reason, we recommend painting all walls a neutral colour except for one. This can be the feature wall, containing wallpaper, a mural, or be painted with chalkboard paint. It's much easier to paint a single wall than the whole room!

2. Fold-Down Desk

Desks can take up enormous space and are not constantly in use. A desk which folds down from the wall enables the room to feel open and provides room when friends drop by.

3. Wall Hooks

Take advantage of this empty space by fitting large hooks which can hold school bags and coats. This is much better than throwing them on the floor!

4. Toybox Bench

A toybox bench alongside one wall can double as storage and when cushions are placed on top, it acts as extra seating for friends. Unlike toys, your children won't get sick of them as they grow older. They hold a variety of things like toys, sporting equipment, musical instruments and clothes.

5. Wall Niche

Like wall hooks, these take advantage of wasted space and provide somewhere to display photos, awards, trophies, birthday cards and other sentimental items.