The Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss


Most of us at some point in our working life, have had moments where we dislike our job. Sometimes this makes us doubt the career path we are following.

“What am I doing in this place?”

“I get no recognition for the hard work I do…”

“I have no time for my family/hobbies/social life…”

“I wish I was in charge…”

The thought of being your own boss crosses the minds of almost everyone at some point. However, if you have the motivation to act on this – what would it be like?

There are many pros to being your own boss, such as setting your own hours. We should get one thing straight - for 99% of boss's, this won’t mean sleeping in until 10am, popping into the office to check that your employees are hard at work and then heading to the golf course for the afternoon.

What it does mean is that if your child needs to be picked up from soccer training at 5pm, you can do this without having to ask anyone’s permission. See some cheap airfares and decide to take a long weekend? You won’t need to beg HR to approve your leave application!

You also get to control who you work with, or if you even want to work with anybody else.

Sick of that rush hour commute into the CBD? Set up your business in your local area and enjoy a stress-free start to the day. Had enough of sitting behind a desk all day? Choose something that is more hands-on or involves visiting customers.

Those who have a strong work ethic and a high level of determination can often earn more by being their own boss, as there is no ceiling on your income! You’re working on your dream, not helping someone else achieve theirs. And when the business succeeds it will be you who gets the recognition.

However, being your boss is not easy. For those without motivation or who feel insecure about the lack of certainty – this may not be for you!

You may feel that you are never really your own boss. That’s because you depend on payment from customers for survival, and as you have front row seats to the business bank account, their demands will suddenly mean more to you!

You will need to listen and build positive relationships with these people. If the business doesn’t get paid – you don’t get paid! If the business collapses, then that is your money that has been lost.

For those who dare to dream and are not afraid of putting in hard work, being your own boss can be the most satisfying option, providing you with greater happiness and the lifestyle that you desire.

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