Home Renovation Trends for 2017

Is your home looking a bit worn out? When friends visit do they poke fun at the colour of the walls? It may be time for some home remodelling!

We share with you the home renovation trends that are expected to take off in 2017.


Home renovation trends for 2017

Kitchen Trends


The kitchen has become more than just a place where food is cooked. In many homes, the kitchen is the central hub where the family gathers or where people congregate when entertaining. Where possible, it is ideal to create more space, even if it does mean knocking down a wall to do so.

Many kitchen remodels we see and do nowadays favour a clean and seamless look, with cupboard doors, walls and splashbacks all blending in together. Dark wood panelling with wooden floors, or an all-white affair will create this modern and sophisticated look.

The seamless look is completed by eliminating clutter which often gets built up on kitchen benches, by creating plenty of storage with large ceiling-high cupboards. Small objects such as spice bottles, cans and jars can be stored small shelves which are built on the inside of cupboard doors. This type of kitchen facelift doesn’t just make the kitchen look nicer, it has an element of practicality as well!

Home renovation trends for 2017

Bathroom Trends


The theme for bathrooms in 2017 is relaxation! Think of a nice day spa and transfer this to your own bathroom.

One way to create this comfortable atmosphere and stand out at the same time is to incorporate natural materials within the main components of the bathroom.

A large freestanding tub will create a striking centrepiece for the room. A timber vanity unit with a stone/rock vanity top will complement this.

Gone are the days of small, fussy tile patterns which were difficult to clean and in are large oversized tiles. This creates a seamless feel and is much easier to clean.

Terracotta is back in a big way – large terracotta floor tiles with a matte finish are on the rise. While terracotta is most popular in bathrooms, we are seeing it used in other rooms – even throughout the whole house.

Home renovation trends for 2017

Living Room Trends


Green is the trending colour for 2017 and works brilliantly when mixed with rich dark timber floorboards, which are taking over from blonde-timber floorboards.

The open plan living area craze is expected to drop-off, as people are placing greater value on privacy and having a quiet place to relax.

There will be an emphasis on recycling and breathing new life into existing features. This can be done by turning exposed roof beams or rustic features in an old home into features which add character to the room.

Home renovation trends 2017

Other Home Renovation Trends


Cork is coming back in! We are seeing cork feature walls popping up in areas such as studies and home offices, adding an element of warmth and texture, much like dark timber.

Cork can also be practical, by providing somewhere to pin-up important work items and it also provides a level of sound insulation.

Home renovation trends for 2017


Now that many people are living busier lives with an excessive amount of ‘screen time’, many are looking to create an area for quiet relaxation which is separate from the main living areas. Think warm colours, natural elements such as dark timber, adjustable mood lighting and sound insulation.


If you would like to find out your home can be refreshed for 2017, or find out how a small number of these trends can be incorporated into your home, contact Triple O Property Maintenance today. We have remodelled and renovated many homes throughout Melbourne and would be happy to show you what can be done with your property!