Can’t afford to live in your dream suburb? Home renovation may be the answer!

home renovation ideas

House prices, particularly in Melbourne, have increased to a level where buying your first home or upgrading to a larger home, feels like it is becoming out of reach. Location is very important – being close to a train or tram line, shops and work is important. Families will also appreciate being close to good schools and day-care. Lifestyle can also motivate buying decisions – personal needs such as being close to cafes, friends, family, the beach, sporting clubs and facilities.

For many people, finding a property with the right combination of these factors seems impossible. However, not all houses are priced the same, and those who renovate to suit their personal needs and tastes often end up happier! Those who are open to a home renovation will welcome the sight of paint flaking off the weatherboards, or wallpaper from the 1970’s – this is the easy route to home ownership in your preferred location.


new kitchen

The first step that many renovators will take is to renovate the kitchen. Many will seek to make the room feel brighter, this can be done by using light colours, expanding the windows or even using a skylight installation when wall space is minimal. Sometimes old aspects of the house can be restored and made to work well with new features, such as floorboards.

bathroom tiles

The bathroom is another room that will be higher on the priorities to renovate. Even a bathroom that has been regularly cleaned will eventually show its age. Tile replacement on the floor, behind the sink and in the shower is an opportunity to use your imagination and personalise the style of the room. Selecting unique fittings such as taps and a raised sink, will add a touch of class to the room. A skylight installation will allow plenty of natural light into the room, while retaining privacy.

deck renovation

Exterior renovations are also a key focus. If your house has weatherboards, these may need a coat of paint, or if they have rotted you may need a weatherboard replacement. This is a fantastic opportunity to paint the house the colour of your choice, and use this colour scheme for the garage and fences.

With summer on the way, a deck renovation or installation will provide you with a place to relax and enjoy your new home.

If you would like to create the ideal home and would like to discuss your options with a renovations expert, request a free quote from your local Triple O Handyman. We are constantly performing home renovations throughout Melbourne, and can transform your home into somewhere you’ll never want to leave!