How to get your Home ready for Summer

Get Ready for Summer

Now that the temperature is starting to rise, many people are starting to get their homes cleaned up and ready to take on the summer season.

This way, you can ensure your home is in tiptop condition for guests, visitors and for your own enjoyment.

Summer is all about opening up doors, windows and spaces to let in light and air. After months of rain and cold temperature’s, your property can become a little damp. Bathrooms and bedrooms can especially see a lot of interior moisture, so take the time to air these areas out.

You may want to place a few potted plants near windows to help filter the air or even install airconditioning or ceiling fans for improved circulation.

Make sure screen doors close properly and are in good working order.

Warmer weather also means mozzies, so check fly screens are hole free, cleaned and repaired for the coming months.

Make sure smoke detectors are working.

It’s also a great opportunity to give rooms a fresh lick of paint to rejuvenate your home.

It’s not just the inside of your home that needs to get ready for summer; the outside of your home needs protection too.

Your garden can get extremely dry during the warmer months. To reduce the risk of your garden becoming dry and barren, pay some attention to your soil. By regularly adding composts and mulches, you can keep the moisture in the soil.

Give the garden an overall tidy up, clean and check your guttering, remove rubbish from around the home and ensure garden hoses are in good repair.

If your home has a deck or porch area, it’s likely your going to want to enjoy it this summer. Give tiles and flooring a good scrub to remove mildew and moss or re-stain timber decking for a nice clean finish.

Last but not least, enjoy the longer days and warmer months by relaxing with a cool drink!