Take control of your life!

Attitude = 100%


Another year has passed and we are now in Autumn. Its never to late to assess how happy you are with your job, worklife balance, you may recently have been made redundant or been retrenched or maybe you cannot stand your boss!

Why not take control of your life and enter the world of self employment? If you are passionate about DIY and love doing handyman jobs why not make it your business?

If you have the following attributes you could make a fantastic business owner.

Love DIY

Handyman skills

Organised and reliable

Attention to detail

Enjoy a variety of work

How do you get started?

Starting a business can be a daunting task especially these days where becoming known is all about the internet and social media. A lot of people try starting themselves only to find it very difficult to obtain enough leads consistently. They dont have the resources to set up a high quality website optimised in google. Similarly they do not know how to optimism themselves on social media. If your customers can't find you then you wont succeed.

Joining a Triple O Property Maintenance franchise brings together your personality, work ethic and handyman skills with a franchise offer that puts you first, has low start up costs and ongoing fees, no gimmicks, and a complete business package that covers all you need and provides ongoing support. Be in business for yourself not by yourself.


To find out how you can take the next step, click on "Be in business for yourself. Take the skills test" register your details and take our skills test.