Don't be tricked by marketing hype!

Don't believe marketing hype

Don't get sucked in by marketing hype, if it sounds too good to be true... IT IS!

                          Income guarantee

Some franchisors offer their franchisees an income guarantee. This guarantee sounds very appealing as a safety net. Two important questions you need to ask yourself are.

1. Who is paying for it?

2. What are the conditions to obtain it? - the fine print!

To provide an " income guarantee" the price usually increases by up to $40,000 for a similar franchise offer. Therefore you are paying for the income guarantee. And guess what? If you don't claim it, you don't get it back. However, those who do claim may be surprised at how many conditions they need to meet just to qualify for a payment, hence most who claim never receive the income guarantee.

Why Triple O is the best?

Keep the extra thousands of dollars in your pocket!

What Triple O Property Maintenance offers is a targeted advertising and marketing plan for your exclusive territory. We use SEO on google, Google adwords, your personal webpage and our website along with leads from specialist providers to ensure you will have plenty of leads from the day you start. We also work with you to set up a business plan, local area marketing plan, and projected cashflows.


Make sure the franchisor is offering an exclusive territory so the territory cannot be divided or sold off from under you. It is important that the territory has been designed to meet the demands of a modern business and not had the demographics retrofitted.

Why Triple O is the best?

All of our territories have been purpose designed by Spectrum Analysis an industry leader in franchise territory design and demographics. We offer larger territories that have excellent earning potential without paying a premium price.



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