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    Fence Repairs

    Triple O conduct fence repairs and enhancements to fences throughout Melbourne


    Are you sick of seeing your neighbour's yard through broken fence palings?
    Would you like more privacy and security for your family?
    Is your fencing leaning a bit too much for your liking?
    Is it time to freshen up the boundary of your home?

    There’s nothing like good-looking strong fences to help you feel safe, maximise your privacy and enhance the look of your property.

    Fence repairs become inevitable for most homes, due to constant exposure to harsh weather, or damage from children, pets or vandals. Timber can rot from the moisture and warp in the sun, which can cause the fence to fall apart.

    Triple O Property Maintenance are experts at fence repairs and can restore your fence back to its former glory, or build whatever type of fence you need… and of course they’ll always clean up properly after each job.

    You may be looking to revitalise your home or have purchased a house and wish to improve its appearance, or add a layer of privacy. We can provide special fencing to match or enhance the style of your property.

    Here are just some ways a Triple O Property Maintenance Professional can help you:

    Fence Repairs

    • Re-attach or replace fence pickets or palings
    • Replace worn fence posts
    • Paint or apply protective coating


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    Triple O Property Maintenance use licensed trades or licensed franchise owners where applicable.