Kitchen Renovations Delivered On Time & On Budget

cheap kitchen renovation in melbourne home

Is your kitchen looking a little old and dated? Or has your family expanded and you need something with a little more space and functionality? The kitchen has become the gathering point in most homes, why not make it inviting and comfortable.

Triple O Property Maintenance performs cheap kitchen renovations throughout Melbourne and can provide you with a solution that's delivered on time and on budget!

Simple Kitchen Repairs

simple kitchen renovations in melbourne home

You may need some simple repairs to your existing kitchen. Common tasks include repairing hinges on doors which don’t close properly, as well as drawers which won’t close. Floor and splashback tiles may be cracked or becoming loose and need replacing or regrouting. You may require additional storage such as a larger pantry or more shelves.

We can perform these simple tasks or a complete kitchen makeover. More tasks we can perform individually or as a complete kitchen renovation include:

Kitchen Painting

painting in kitchen renovation

Your kitchen might have an unsightly, dated colour or maybe it's just showing it's age. Kitchen paint is often subjected to condensation and mould from cooking and requires a bit of care and attention.

Nowadays many of our clients prefer something neutral and earthy or choose a near-white colour when going for a clean, minimal look. We can help you to choose a colour that will suit your tastes and compliment your surroundings. Fresh paint can make a kitchen look like it’s had a major makeover, for cheaper cost.

Kitchen Benchtops

kitchen bench top renovation

One of the first things you see in a kitchen is the benchtop, so if you’re looking to make maximum impact from minimal spend, this is a great place to start. Laminate benchtops tops have come a long way, and with a suitable colour choice can still look great in a modern but cheap kitchen renovation. Wooden benchtops are in trend and so is marble which has made a comeback.

Tiles & Splashbacks

new installation of kitchen splashback

Tiles have long been a favourite for splashbacks. Many older homes have very small cube-style tiles which look outdated and are also difficult to clean as moisture and mould builds up in the grout. Modern tile splashbacks are easier to maintain as they have larger tiles with far less grout.

Glass is also another popular splashback choice. Its seamless finish is easy to keep clean and has a timeless appearance. Glass splashbacks can feature a bright background colour with shiny or reflective finish. Other options include a frosted sandblasted finish, mirrored or even a window. This is a cost-effective way of adding value to your kitchen.

Other choices include laminate, melamine, granite, sandstone and stainless steel. We would be happy to discuss these options with you.

Kitchen Cupboard Doors

kitchen cupboard door renovation in melbourne home

One way to perform a cheap kitchen renovation but achieve maximum impact is to upgrade your cupboard and drawer doors. Older doors may have outdated colours and doorhandles, and also be discoloured or require hinge repair. We can replace older-style doors with modern minimalist style doors, with a clean flat face. Minimal designs can also include handle-less designs.

Kitchen Cabinet Makers

If you’re seeking to maximise the space available in your kitchen, it may be best to replace your existing cabinetry with new cabinets in a revised layout. Island benches are popular for maximising benchspace by filling open spaces. These also provide a great communal area where you can arrange some stools for informal meals or entertaining.

Flat Pack Kitchen Renovation

Flat Pack Kitchens can provide great value for money, plus you get to see what they look like before they are built. However, you may not have the time or resources to construct the kitchen or might prefer to use an experienced set of hands to ensure the installation is performed to a high standard.

We can remove your existing kitchen cabinetry and install a flat pack kitchen of your choice. Once the flat pack kitchen is installed we can then improve the surrounding area by painting the walls, installing new tiles and splashbacks, sanding and restoring floorboards.

Kitchen Appliance Integration

You may wish to upgrade kitchen appliances such as your fridge, oven, dishwasher or exhaust fan and need to modify the existing cabinetry to allow for larger items.

Small Kitchen Improvements

Small Kitchens don’t have to be short on space and style! We can help you to maximise storage space and enable space for seating.

Complete Kitchen Renovation

You may wish to replace everything in your kitchen and get it all out of the way in one go. A new kitchen design and complete renovation can completely transform a kitchen. We can provide you with a quote for a kitchen with:

  • Improved style
  • More space
  • Additional storage
  • More natural light
  • Extra seating areas
  • Easier to maintain

Contact us now to request your free quote!