Plaster wall repair Melbourne

Plaster Wall Repair

Do you have walls that need quality plaster repairs?
Are cracks in your plaster ruining the look of your home?
Do you have water damaged or bowing plaster?
Have picture hooks outstayed their welcome on your walls?
Need an expert plasterer to get the job done right the first time?

If you need plaster wall repair in Melbourne with a guaranteed quality finish, you can trust Triple O Property Maintenance Professionals to do the job well. We use and recommend Boral Plasterboard and compounds... and of course, we always clean up properly after each project.

Triple O can attend to all your plaster repairs and plastering needs, with services including:

Patching a hole in your plasterboard

It’s easy to knock a piece of furniture or for playing children to accidentally put a hole in your plaster wall! The difficult part is to fix holes so that there’s no trace of the accident ever occurring. We promise to provide a smooth finish with accurate colour matching, for small holes to large. You’ll have the smoothest walls in your street. No one will ever know what happened!

Plaster Wall Crack Repair

You may have cracks at the edge of a wall where it joins a window or door way. Over time, your house will move a little and cracks can form. With a little care, these cracks can be filled so that you won’t notice they were there. Not only will your wall look nicer, it’ll stop the cracks from becoming wider and causing greater damage.

Water damage

Excess contact with water from slow leaks or plumbing breakages can cause significant damage to plaster and can lead to mould issues. Where possible we’ll repair your plaster, but when necessary we’ll replace and paint the surface to match the surroundings.

Damage to rental property

Are you concerned that a couple of small holes in your plaster wall will stop you from receiving your bond back when you move out? We with a smooth finish and professional colour matching, we can fully repair your walls so that the real estate agent won’t notice a thing!

Plastering a wall

You may be renovating your home and wish to remove plaster walls, add new walls, or plaster over existing surfaces such as exposed brickwork. We help many homeowners and investors transform old, worn homes into modern masterpieces.

plaster wall repairplaster wall repair

An example of a recent plaster wall installation for a Dandenong homeowner.

Set precast ornamental plaster into walls and ceilings

Add some style and flair to your home with precast cornices and panel mouldings, ceiling centres and other plaster fittings such as wall niches.

Plastering your entire home

When restoring an older home with mould and rising damp concerns, it may be best to replace the plaster in an entire room or the whole house.

Our plasterers understand that for you, the plastering work is simply one component of a larger project – you require this to be done in a timely manner to allow for painting and other tasks to be completed.

When unexpected circumstances arise, we provide prompt response to insurance claims, providing plastering repairs and replacement for damage caused by water leakage, flooding, fire or unscrupulous tenants.


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Triple O Property Maintenance uses licensed trades or licensed franchise owners where applicable.