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Verandah & Deck Repair Melbourne

man performing verandah and deck repair

If your outdoor timber decking or verandah is worn, falling apart, or not fit for purpose anymore, our wide range of maintenance services can help you. Outdoor decks provide a great place to relax on a warm Melbourne day, play with your children and entertain friends and family if your living room isn’t large enough.

Triple O Property Maintenance deck repair services include Restoration, Sealing, Sanding, Painting, Board Replacement and Construction of New Decking.

Sanding and Sealing

Over time, prolonged exposure to weather will erode the condition of your deck, diminishing its appearance and reducing longevity. Deck stains such as dirt, grime, mould, lichen, bird droppings and BBQ stains will discolour the surface. The sun will fade the protective coating, causing jarrah, merbau and treated pine decks to lose their rich colour.

Our deck restoration service includes:

  • Removing any stains and worn protective coating by sanding back the deck
  • Tightening or replacing any worn or loose nails or screws
  • Filling any chips or cracks, and replacing deck boards which are too worn to repair
  • Ensuring the deck/verandah is stable and safe by inspecting the footings, posts and side rails and repairing or replacing these if necessary
  • Sealing the deck and bringing out the timbers illustrious colour with protective coating

Board Repair and Replacement

The timber boards on your deck or verandah can easily become worn from the weather, heavy items or boisterous children. We can fill chips, repair small cracks and replace boards which have split or buckled.

Verandah and Deck Painting

Some properties are more suited to painted decking and verandahs or a blend of painted rails or posts with a stained timber floor. We can discuss colours with you and implement a colour scheme to which adds style and value to your property.

Extend or build a new Deck

Outdoor entertaining and relaxation space is a vital part of the Australian lifestyle. Melbourne properties are becoming smaller, when family and friends come over it’s often easier to entertain on a large outdoor deck than your indoor living space.

We can extend your deck or build a new deck which makes best use of your outdoor space and natural light. You may wish to incorporate features such as stairs, timber bench seats, BBQ cooktops or shade sails. A well designed deck won’t look like an afterthought – we’ll thoughtfully design it to blend in with your house, garden, fences, pavers and other existing features.

About Our Services

Our deck, verandah and pergola repair services are conducted with the aim of adding longevity and value to your property. All handymen are covered by public liability insurance and are qualified and experienced in deck repair and construction. If you would like to discuss your options, complete an online quote request and we’ll reach out to you in a timely manner.