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Tile Replacement & Repair

Whether you're ready to make a statement with a tile replacement or some brand new tiles, or are simply seeking repairs to your existing tiling, you can trust Triple O Melbourne tilers to do your tiling project with quality and care. And of course, no matter how big or small the job, we always clean up properly!

Looking to add colour or protection for a wall with a new tile installation?
Keen to replace old, outdated tiles?

Tiling services we provide include:

  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Grouting
  • Sealing grout

 tile replacement in melbourne house tile replacement in frankston

Bathroom & Tiling Replacement in a Frankston home

Kitchen Tiling

Most kitchens utilise tiling in their splash backs to protect the walls surrounding the cooktop and sink. Over time tiles will collect grease and moisture which can damage and discolour the grout. Our tastes in style and aesthetics do change over the decades – you may wish to modernise the look of a kitchen built in the 80’s or 90’s with matching splash back and floor tiles.

Our Melbourne tilers can help you to select a tiling option which suits your house, budget and practical requirements.


Bathroom Tiling

Constantly exposure to water and moisture, and in many cases a lack of ventilation, causes tiles and grout to wear and become dirty more rapidly in the bathroom than any other location in your home. Eventually this can cause bacteria and mould and become unhygienic! Damaged grout in a shower can also lead to leakage and wall damage.

In many cases, these issues can be rectified through grout cleaning and repair. When extensive damage has occurred or the owner desires a more modern appearance, we can replace the old tiles with newer designs. Nowadays many homeowners choose to replace small tiles with much larger tiles, as this reduces the amount of grouting which makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Our Melbourne tilers can inspect your bathroom and provide options to repair or enhance our bathroom for the future.


Outdoor Tiling

More homeowners who wish to build or renovate their outdoor entertainment areas are installing tile floors and walls. Sandstone, stone and slate provide natural, earth texture which creates a serene, relaxing environment for your family and friends. Tiling also makes these areas easy to clean when food has been spilt or when the children have created a mess!

Speak to our Melbourne tilers to obtain your free, no-obligation quote.


Tile Installation and Replacement

You may require a tile replacement for the splash back in the bathroom. Or you’re interested in constructing outdoor stone tile wall next to the BBQ.

We also perform new tile installations or replace old tiles with fresh, modern styles. We can help you select from styles such as ceramic, porcelain, slate, mosaic, terracotta, stone, concrete, you may have something different in mind. There are literally thousands of different styles and colours of tiles that suit every possible taste and setting - both indoor and outdoor.

Our tilers perform all vital measures of floor preparation, including but not limited to:

  • Removing any paint and ensuring the surface is rough enough to allow the tiles to form a strong bond
  • Laying floor screed, thin set bonds, membranes or latex bonding material where necessary
  • Removing and reinstalling any fixtures and fittings which may interfere with the tile installation, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Trim doors where necessary (floor height can often be affected by a new installation)


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Triple O Property Maintenance use licensed trades or licensed franchise owners where applicable.