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    Window Replacement & Installation throughout Melbourne

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    Window Repairs to keep your home draught-free and sturdy!

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    Protect your family and belongings with a window lock installation

    • Are you yearning for more natural light in your home?
    • Are your windows rotting, broken, sticking or still letting in the breeze when closed?
    • Do you want to replace your aluminium windows with timber windows or visa versa?
    • Would you like to make your home even more secure by installing window locks?
    • Or perhaps install double-glazed windows for maximum noise reduction and energy efficiency?

    Large or small, square or rectangle, frosted or clear, tinted or stained... your windows play a critical role in the look, the character and the energy management of your home. So when it's time to repair, replace or install windows in your property, you can trust Triple O professionals to do the job at a high standard of quality and care. And of course, no matter how big or small the job, we always clean up properly! 

    Triple O can attend to all your window needs - large and small, including: 

    Window Replacement

    It is highly likely that you can improve the light and ambience in your living areas by replacing your smaller windows with larger windows that contain a single pane of glass as opposed to grid-style windows with smaller panes.

    Allow your living area to feel even more open by adding bi-folding windows. Bi-folding windows are great in the warmer months as they remove the enclosed feeling that being surrounded by four walls can create, opening your living area or kitchen to your outdoor entertaining area and also allow for a cool breeze to enter your home in the evenings.

    If you’re living in a busy inner-city suburb or close to a train line or highway, you may appreciate the sound-deadening benefits that double-glazed windows provide.

    Window Repair

    If you have an older house, your timber frames may be beginning to rot may be starting to rot, or simply let too much cold air inside. This can cause your heating costs and make your home easier for intruders to break into. We can rectify these issues by repairing or replacing timber or aluminum window frames.

    Window Lock Fitment

    Windows are one of the most commonly used access points for intruders – solid, high-quality deadlocks can make it impossible to break in without smashing the window glass.


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    Triple O Property Maintenance use licensed trades or licensed franchise owners where applicable.